Becoming a Volunteer with a Service Organization in Suffolk County: A Step-by-Step Guide

Volunteering is an amazing way to give back to your community and make a difference in the lives of others. If you're looking to become a volunteer with a service organization in Suffolk County, there are certain steps you need to take. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started on your journey. The first step is to complete the onboarding requirements.

Once these have been completed, volunteers will receive training and guidance at the hospital. During this time, volunteers will learn about open service areas and tasks and schedules will be organized based on their interests. There are many different roles available for volunteers, including but not limited to the gift shop, the second-hand store, administrative functions, special projects, and patient experience. Every effort will be made to ensure that each volunteer has the opportunity of their choice. Due to a cyber attack on Suffolk County computers, requests on the website may not be possible.

However, the paper application can be obtained on the Suffolk County home page at, under the Department of Public Administration. Tasks can range from patient-related roles such as nursing, emergency department, oncology, and physical therapy, where volunteers help staff in a non-clinical way, to USO volunteers who have a unique opportunity to help provide programs and services to U. S. military service members. Unions also welcome new members who wish to dedicate their time to serving the hospital.

This way, victims can learn about the use and limitations of protective orders; receive advice and information on how to make their best court appearance; plus additional knowledge about domestic violence services and other referrals to social services.

Junior Volunteers

Juniors who are interested in volunteering in their final year should apply before that date. Volunteers receive free training to provide classroom workshops on child abuse, bullying, online safety, and sexual harassment in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Volunteers must participate in 10 hours of additional training each year and attend quarterly team meetings to keep up with the program.


Guilds are voluntary organizations with an elected Central Council that donate their time, treasures, and talent to benefit the hospital with their services and to the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation with donations.


The USO has been the country's main military support organization since 1941, serving men and women of the U. From growing up as an Army brat to serving in the Navy, it only made sense for one woman to move to the USO when she decided to start volunteering in her spare time.

Emergency Services

An employee in this class receives telephone and radio calls requesting emergency assistance and contacts emergency medical services units, fire departments, and rescue units through a two-way communication system.

Advocates refer customers to The Safe Center for one or more of its many services available; as well as other social service agencies in Nassau County.


In biblical times, The Good Samaritan was a volunteer who spontaneously provided a service to another human being. The list of people eligible for this degree will be used to fill future vacancies in the Suffolk County Fire and Emergency Services Department. By following this guide you should now have all the information you need about applying for volunteer work with a service organization in Suffolk County. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start making a difference!.

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