Free Services Offered by Service Organizations in Suffolk County

The Suffolk County Department of Social Services provides free or low-cost subsidized child care services for eligible families residing in Suffolk County. The Federation's P. O. W.

E. R (Peer Outreach with Night Recreation) program, based in Suffolk County, offers services to the homeless and those living with mental illness, as well as to people with other co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to connect people with long-term supports and help them get their lives back. We start with the person, wherever they are, whether they live on the street, in campgrounds, soup kitchens, shelters, train stations, hospitals, etc.

We provide assistance accessing housing, benefits, health coverage and employment, and we offer information and referrals. We respond to requests from families, businesses, social service agencies, churches and religious organizations, law enforcement and civic groups. Suffolk County housing programs include shelters, transition units and assistance in finding a new permanent home or apartment. The Federation of Organizations provides supportive employment services for people who are recovering from mental illness and are ready to do meaningful work.

The mission of the Department of Social Services is to provide financial assistance and support services to eligible Suffolk County residents in a cost-effective and efficient manner while simultaneously protecting vulnerable people and encouraging their independence and self-sufficiency. The church covers Suffolk County and Islip, and provides free emergency food and rent payment, monthly mortgage, heating and utility bills when they are behind schedule. The Veterans Trust Program of the Federation of Organizations provides service-related money management services to disabled veterans. The Adoptive Grandparents Program provides volunteer opportunities for low-income seniors who want to stay active in their communities, providing personalized assistance to children in elementary schools, Head Start centers and day care centers throughout Suffolk County.

The Suffolk County Office for the Elderly is the designated local agency on aging under the Aging Act. Since housing (mortgages and rents) is so expensive in Suffolk County, many families need help paying for furniture. Programs and agencies operating in Long Island and Suffolk County can provide cash assistance, weatherization recommendations and more. You can now track your Suffolk County Transit bus in real time and get accurate arrival predictions on your mobile phone.

Nassau and Suffolk counties rank second and third in the state respectively among all counties with foreclosure requests so the demand for assistance is enormous.

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