How can i contact a service organization in suffolk county?

Service Centers; Smithtown Center · 200 Wireless Boulevard Hauppauge, New York 11788. SCOFA will suspend in-person visits to defenders' sites during the month of January. If you need help, call our main line at 631-853-8200 and ask to speak to an advocate. FSL is a social services agency that provides support and safety to our Long Island neighbors who need it most. From children and families to the elderly, we empower more than 50,000 of the most vulnerable people in our community to mobilize their strengths and improve their quality of life.

The Suffolk County Department of Social Services (DSS) now has a new free mobile application (application) available to county residents that allows them to submit the necessary documents. The mission of Psi Beta is the professional development of psychology students by promoting and recognizing excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service. In Suffolk County, there are many agencies and organizations available to help victims of elder abuse and neglect. The mission of the Department of Social Services is to provide financial assistance and support services to eligible Suffolk County residents in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while simultaneously protecting vulnerable people and encouraging their independence and self-sufficiency.

Most importantly, the Suffolk County Office for the Elderly acts as an advocate for all older people in Suffolk County. Provide a forum for students to collaborate in interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary environments in order to provide and promote the educational and professional efforts of individual members of the organization. By unifying the Suffolk County Community College and the wider community, ALAS will take the initiative to spread its ideas and visions to make a difference. The purpose of this organization is to bring people closer to God, to provide religious enrichment to Christians and non-Christians, and to provide community services to those in need, such as clothing, food, and toys for children at Christmas and on various holidays.

This organization strives to improve the learning experience of students in the culinary arts program. The Suffolk County Office for the Elderly is pleased to participate in New York State's annual Agricultural Market Nutrition Program. The mission of the Garden Club is to create awareness, knowledge and opportunities for Suffolk students who are interested in participating in plant-oriented activities. Chi Alpha Epsilon, the National Honor Society, was created to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities around the country based on non-traditional criteria and provides services to students participating in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Student Support Services (SSS), and Student Success Programs.

The local information and assistance specialists at NY Connects provide personalized advice to help you make informed decisions and can help you access available long-term services and supports to meet your current or future long-term needs. The purpose of the Alpha Zeta Nu section of Phi Theta Kappa at Suffolk Community College will be to promote scholarship, develop leadership and service, and cultivate fellowship among qualified Suffolk Community College students. The Lighthouse News is a publication produced by students from the Suffolk County Community College's eastern campus.

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